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Zhang Fuming

"I express my visual language through the medium of printmaking, predominantly woodcut, for its intrusive intensity and bold, expressive qualities. In my work, I am influenced by social-commentary typed narratives. Tapping into my roots as a Chinese Singaporean, I commonly depict motifs common in its culture."

  • Born 1989 in Singapore

  • Graduated with Diploma in Fine Arts (Printmaking), LASALLE College of the Arts, 2011


In Singapore, Zhang Fuming is possibly the only printmaker of his generation who chooses to harness the direct, efficient means of black-white woodcut narratives in expressing critical social messages. His heavy, expressive use of blacks and whites takes after the technique of influential German printmaker, Kathe Kollwitz who relies on bold, economical usage of blacks and whites to dramatise scenes of vulnerability, toil and destitution. Fuming’s utilisation of large woodblocks, combined with an immersive black-white engagement – usually achieved through both rubbing and printing – heightens the stark emotional quality of his images and generates for his narratives a sense of weight and melancholy.

Fuming’s creative impulse of creating bold, black and white large format woodblock prints is synonymous with his artistic inclination, which is heavily influenced by the social realism movement along with its application of woodblock prints. Fuming particularly appreciates the manual process of creating prints through rubbing. Like his subjects, these methods are in keeping with his preference for a direct and efficient form of visual communication marked by an economy of means. Through his carvings, the artist hopes to inform by presenting objective narratives of daily life and encourages an investigation of the topics explored.

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2017  Cliftons Art Prize Singaporean Finalist

2014/15  Affordable Art Fair Young Talent Programme Solo Exhibition Prize Award

Solo Exhibitions

2019  V. Atas, Telok Ayer Arts Club, Singapore

2016  Poised for Success: Woodcut Series by Zhang Fuming, AC43 Gallery, Singapore

2015  The Quest: The Exquisite Rice Bowl, ION Art Gallery, Singapore

2015  Affordable Art Fair Young Talent Programme Winner’s Solo Exhibition

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019  YTP Reunite, Ion Art Gallery, Singapore

2018  BON á TIRER: Original Prints by Chen Shitong, April Ng, Tan Seow Wei & Zhang Fuming, AC43 Gallery, Singapore
2018  You Don’t Need 100 Editions, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Praxis Space & Project Space, Singapore
2017  Cliftons Art Prize Finalist Show, Cliftons Venues, Singapore
2017  Buku Mini 2, Ace House Collective, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
2016  Inauguration Showcase, AC43 Gallery, Singapore
2016  The Great Egg-Venture, Sentosa-Harbourfront Precinct, Singapore

2016  The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Art Week, Xiamen, China
2015  Presence and Distances, Flaneur Gallery, Singapore
2015  NMHxFlaneur, New Majestic Hotel, Singapore
2014  Young Talent Programme, Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
2014  DAYDREAMS + NIGHTMARES, The Substation Gallery, Singapore (Singapore Night Festival ‘14)
2014  Seni Mini, Micasa Sucasa, Singapore

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