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Woodcut Series by Zhang Fuming

23.12.2016 - 08.01.2017

This curated exhibition will showcase about 15 works from Fuming’s latest woodcut series, Poised for Success as well as 10 selected prints from his two previous woodcut series, Demarcation (2014) and Presence and Distances (2015). To enable a better understanding of Fuming’s technical process, a few of the artist’s original woodblocks will also be on display.


In his latest woodcut series candidly titled, “Poised for Success”, Fuming reflects on the complex societal forces, roles and expectations shaping the upbringing and future of a child finding his place within Singapore’s increasingly competitive and success-oriented society. As with his previous woodcut series, Fuming continues to cast illuminating glimpses into objects and figures situated within the most ordinary of routines and conventions, granting these seemingly placid observations an ironic distance through which social commentary may be underlined... Read more >>

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