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Chua Chon Hee

  • Born 1960 in Singapore

  • Graduated with Advanced Diploma, Western Art, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, 1982

Chua Chon Hee is a multidisciplinary local artist, who works extensively with ceramic, ink, and printmaking. Her art possesses the characteristic of a humble organicism as she strives to relate her artistic practice to traditions, while simultaneously making her explorations on art significant in a contemporary manner. Chon Hee continually plants herself amidst lush greenery and nature, which stimulates and enthuses her art. In addition, her works are rooted in the Zen thinking of "being in the moment", and Chon Hee chooses to portray these inspirations using physical objects like leaves or clay in their raw form. Thus, her works are entrenched in the traditional, yet shifts easily back to modernism if needed.

Having been heavily involved in fine arts education for the most parts of her professional life, Chon Hee is now dedicated to art-making and exploring new boundaries with her art.  

Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions

2022  A Scroll Through Selat: Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving, Calligraphy & Painting Society 51st Anniversary Special Exhibition, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Singapore

2021  Ancient Future Myths: Works by Chua Chon Hee and Ben Loong, AC43 Gallery, Singapore

2020  Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving, Calligraphy & Painting Society Annual Group Exhibition

2018  Double Happiness - Group exhibition on print, seal carvings, couplets, Chinese calligraphy, Artsembly, Esplanade, Singapore

2018  Every Flower That Ever Bloomed - Special Themed Exhibition in conjunction with Esplanade's Huai Yi Festival, Artsembly, Esplanade, Singapore

2017  Insight - 2017 Singapore International Miniature Sculpture Exhibition

2017  "When Space Dissolves into Luminosity, Where Flowers Bloom Amidst Rocks" group show, iPreciation, Singapore

2016  Singapore Sculpture Society Woodcarving Symposium, Singapore

2016  A Thousand Cups and Maybe More, Singapore 

2015  5th Guanlan International Print Biennial Guanlan Print Art Museum, China 

2015  Macau Printmaking Triennial, Macau Museum of Art, Macau Nanyang Clay Group Annual Show 2015, Singapore 

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