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Boo Sze Yang: The Mirage
4–18 October 2018


“My images do not evoke real moments of memories but suggest man’s perilous attitude in the quest for development, construction and treatment of nature in contemporary society.”

– Artist Boo Sze Yang, on his latest series

Boo Sze Yang: The Mirage featured over 25 canvas and paper works from the veteran artist’s latest series of paintings. His new work draws inspiration from the recurrent web of construction sites scattered across Singapore and employs linear perspective prominent in Renaissance art to suggest space and structure within an imaginary landscape. The artist’s monochromatic handling of linear structures resembling scaffoldings, partitions and platforms are created through the delicate process of pulling and pushing wet paints across the canvas with a squeegee. The illusory imagery sits on the edge of recognition and abstraction, where meaning is constantly shifting and reading multifaceted.


Boo Sze Yang (b. 1965 - , Singapore) graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 1991 and completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at the University of Reading, UK in 1995. He also obtained a Master in Arts Degree from Chelsea College of Art & Design, the University of the Arts London in 2004.


Boo’s paintings deal with a broad range of subject matters, including mundane domestic objects, images of car and airplane crash-scenes, derelict interiors of cathedrals, and unpeopled chambers of shopping malls. He treats banal objects, modern architectural interiors, and destructive scenes as metaphors for the human condition, transforming these into a symbol of contemporary life through gestural techniques and a restrained palette to emphasise the materiality of paint.


Ng, S.P. (2018, October 2). 巫思远油画个展 线条废墟构建的蜃景. Lianhe Zaobao [Singapore].

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