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Tan Seow Wei

  • Born 1979 in Singapore

  • Graduated with Bachelor's degree in Arts & Social Science. National University of Singapore, 2001

  • Received Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Painting, LASALLE College of the Arts, 2008


Tan Seow Wei enjoys experimentations in printmaking, ink painting, and drawing. The human body in particular is an object of intense study for her. Not unlike the fortune teller who interprets one’s fate by reading lines of the palm or the detective who deciphers the identity of a person through the lines of the finger print, the artist sees the body as a fascinating network of lines and marks, not just as mere outlines but also contours, creases and folds. Though often curvaceous, the line quality of a human body presents itself in ways much more than that; strong or frail, thick or thin, continuous or broken. More importantly, whatever the lines are, they provide alternatives to reading the human body and also subtle hints to understanding the person.

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2022  Siaw-Tao Outstanding Art Award

2014  Siaw-Tao Outstanding Art Award

2007  Winston Oh Travel Award, LASALLE College of the Arts

2005/06  Awarded Georgette Chen Scholarship

2003  Tan Tsze Chor Art Award (Distinction)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022  A Scroll Through Selat: Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving, Calligraphy & Painting Society 51st Anniversary Special Exhibition, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Singapore

2021  Flower, Not, iPRECIATION, Singapore

2018  BON á TIRER: Original Prints by Chen Shitong, April Ng, Tan Seow Wei & Zhang Fuming, AC43 Gallery, Singapore

2018  48th Anniversary Exhibition, Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving Calligraphy & Painting Society, Singapore

2018 《我们做版画》, Grassroots Book Room, Singapore

2018  Dark Moments Naked Dog, Artsembly, Singapore

2018  The Diasporic Brush – Modern Singaporean Art, Wolfson College (University of Cambridge), EnglandSpring Edition I, Artsembly, Singapore

2017  Clay/Print, Artsembly, Singapore

2017  Singapore-Japan Chinese Ink Painting Exchange Exhibition, Visual Arts Centre, Singapore

2017  Impressions, Oriental Art and Cultural Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2016-17  Ini mini mini mo, Visual Arts Centre, Singapore

2013-17  Siaw-Tao Chinese Seal-Carving Calligraphy & Painting Society Annual Exhibition, Ngee Ann Cultural Centre, Singapore

2015  Run. Ran. Run. Instinc Gallery, Singapore

2011  inFORMATION, Substation Gallery, Singapore

2010  1xSuitcase’, Meta House, Cambodia

2010  1xSuitcase’, Xi’an Textile City Art District Exhibition Center, China

2009  1xSuitcase’, Annexe Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

2009  1xSuitcase’, Chiang Mai University Art Centre, Thailand

2009  1x Suitcase, Alliance Francaise, Singapore

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