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Keith Teo

  • Born 1992 in Singapore

  • Graduated with Diploma in Fine Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, 2015


Keith Teo’s practice is a sensorial exploration of the relationship between the machine-made, digital and analogue through the use of colour and materiality. His paintings are a blend of preconceptions and intuitions, reflecting an interplay of cognitive and perceptual experiences.

Keith's work straddles between the uncomfortable and immaterial, which to him is always implicated in materiality – informed by elements of chance, accident, and arbitrary intervention, creating possibilities for the personal, elusive and unknown.


Notable Awards

2021  Highly Commended (Established Artist Category): UOB 40th Painting of the Year

2017  Finalist of Clifton Art Prize 2017

Group Exhibitions

2021  UOB 40th Painting of the Year Exhibition, UOB Art Gallery, Singapore

2020  Group exhibition by Richard Koh Fine Art, S.E.A. Focus, Singapore

2019  2019 UNTAPPED Exhibition, Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

2019  This is DOPE!, TAKSU Singapore
2018  Beyond The Surface, TAKSU

2018  Locals Only! 2018, TAKSU Singapore

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