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Ho Sou Ping

"Art is an expression of one's thoughts and aesthetic ideas. It's a constant process of honing one's craftsmanship and philosophical ideas in aesthetics."

  • Born 1972 in Singapore

  • Graduated with Bachelor of Sciences (Physics), National University of Singapore (NUS), 1995

  • Graduated with Master of Science, Management of Technology, NUS Business School, 2004

  • Graduated with Master in Art History, LASALLE College of Arts, Singapore, 2008


Ho Sou Ping began his journey in art at the age of 13, training in calligraphy and painting under the late 2nd-generation artist Chuan Keng Boon. To pursue his passion for art, Sou Ping took the bold step of bidding farewell to a long-time career in the aerospace engineering sector to become a full-time artist in 2009. In the same year he also founded artcommune gallery, which has grown to be a leading platform for Singapore artists. Adds the artist, “Some friends have advised that I give up painting and concentrate on my gallery business, but when I think of Mr. Chuan who selflessly taught and nurtured our artistic passion when he could have focussed the time and energy on his own art practice, I know I must persist in this path that I have chosen.”


Over the past decade, Sou Ping has expanded into oil and watercolour painting and made painting trips to other countries like Malaysia, Bali, Greece, Germany and Tibet to explore new landscapes and colours in his expression. He often looks out for opportunities to learn from the best of the best in any discipline, believing that this is the fastest way to improve as an artist.

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2009  National Calligraphy Competition, Merit prize

1994  National Day Youth Art Exhibition, Commendatory prize

1990  7th National Calligraphy and Painting Competition, 3rd prize

Solo Exhibitions

2019  Journeys and Discoveries: Ho Sou Ping’s Solo Exhibition, Merlin Gallery, Singapore

2012  Metamorphosis II: The Pursuit of Colours, Ernst & Young Gallery, Singapore

2011  Metamorphosis, Ernst & Young ASEAN Art Outreach, Singapore

2008  National 1st solo art exhibition, Drawing Gallery, Singapore ​

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011  Telok Kurau Studios 14th Annual Exhibition: Art is a Lie

2009  Singapore At Show: The Calling of Tradition

2009  The 2nd "Tradition and Contemporary" International Chinese Artists Art Exhibition, Luoyang, China


2015  The Story of Cheong Soo Pieng

2014  Tze Peng: Songs from the Heart

2010  Paintings & Calligraphies of Ho Sou Ping – An Introduction to Art Appreciation

2008  Conversations with Traditions – Paintings and Calligraphies of Ho Sou Ping

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