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Dominic Thian: An Introduction 
3–9 September 2021

“Even in the midst of our metropolitan city there is still an everlasting intricacy we can encounter. Whether it is a delicate feeling evoked by past memories, a curious arrangement of items, or simply when we find a rare moment of peace and reflection - it is in these fleeting experiences that we sense an inkling that things are more than what they seem, that our struggles and triumphs belong to a great meaning beyond us. The artworks featured in this showcase are inspired by these ideas, with hope that in times dark or bright, one can always chance upon something beautiful and good.” 
– Dominic Thian

AC43 Gallery is pleased to announce the official representation of young Singapore artist, Dominic Thian. Combining classic figurative techniques with a modern sensibility, Dominic creates realistic and intricate depictions of scenes and objects that move the viewer with a profound, timeless beauty.

On view at the gallery from 3 to 9 September 2021, the debut feature of Dominic will showcase 14 oil works that are mostly completed over the course of the ongoing pandemic, highlighting the artist's specialisation in still life, portrait and landscape paintings. 

About the Artist

Dominic Thian (b. 1996, Singapore - ) was drawn to the arts since young and had spent much of his spare time drawing and cultivating his interest in the discipline. In 2018, after majoring for a year in Architecture at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Dominic decided to follow his passion for painting and make the bold decision to cease his studies at the university. He subsequently travelled to the United States to enrol at the Grand Central Atelier (GCA), New York. There he studied under internationally-acclaimed artist Colleen Barry and other distinguished contemporary New York City artists, and underwent an intensive curriculum of drawing and painting the figure from life. He also spent his time between classes visiting the rich and vast collections of New England museums, studying and learning from the numerous Old Master paintings held outside of Asia. 

After completing his training at the renowned American art institution in 2020, Dominic returned to Singapore and began to anchor himself at the forefront of Singapore’s figure drawing scene. Apart from painting full-time, he is active as an art teacher and has organised workshops and community-driven figure and portrait drawing sessions. 

Born and raised close to the East Coast of Singapore, Dominic often draws inspiration from the unique picturesqueness of Singapore’s reclaimed coasts and neighbourhoods. His paintings are centrally motivated by the pursuit of a genuine artistic reaction to the beauty surrounding him and that which is also found within.

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