Wong Shih Yaw

  • Born 1967 in Singapore

  • Graduated with Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting), Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore, 1989

  • Graduated with Associate Diploma in Cartoon Design, Palin School of Arts & Design, 2011


Wong Shih Yaw received his formal art education at NAFA. As one of the members of The Artists Village established in 1988, Wong was part of an important assembling of artists who had gathered in support of fundamental principles in contemporary art practices, among which was the championing of a collaborative process and an openness to experimental art forms.

Wong’s paintings deal with the frailty of being human. His body of works span across a variety of mediums including ink, watercolour, and oil, exploring notions of identity, morality and sexuality at different phases of his life. Unhinged, often devotional in attitude and at times dripping with emotional quality, Wong’s brand of infusing magical realism into everyday life is a curious study on the artistic milieu of Singapore’s emerging visual artists in the late 1980s, who called for newer artistic strategies to represent reality beyond figuration.

Solo Exhibitions

2019  Wong Shih Yaw: Between the Parallels, Artspace@Helutrans, Singapore, organised by AC43 Gallery

2017  11 Stories《十一個故事》, Art Projects Gallery, Hong Kong
2015  ALLEGORIES – THE WORKS OF WONG SHIH YAW, Retrospective Exhibition (of works from 1994 – 2014), Galleries 1 & 2, NAFA Campus 1, Singapore
2014  My Story V, ION Art Gallery by Utterly Art, Singapore
2013  My Story IV, Utterly Art, Singapore
2012  My Story III, Utterly Art, Singapore
2011  My Story II, Utterly Art, Singapore
2010  My Story, Utterly Art, Singapore
2009  The Stage, Utterly Art, Singapore
2006  Out of the Grey, Utterly Art, Singapore
2005  Life’s Interpretation, Utterly Art, Singapore
2004  In Thee, Utterly Art, Singapore
1999  Shalom, The Substation Gallery, Singapore
1996  Worldly People, The Substation Gallery, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011  HUNGRY FOR MORE, Utterly Art’s 10th Anniversary Show, ION Art Gallery, Singapore

2008  The Artists Village: 20 Years On, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2007  THE BIG PICTURE SHOW, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

2006  The Inoyama Donation: A Tale of Two Artists, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
2006  Encounters: Southeast Asian Art in Singapore Art Museum Collection, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

1998  60 Years of NAFA Art Exhibition, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

1990  Many in One, 25 Years of Art from Singapore, Meridian House International, Washington D.C., USA

1989  1st Open Studio Show, The Artists Village, Singapore
1989  Two with a Cause, National Museum, Singapore
1989  “Singapore Contemporary Art: East Meets West” Touring Exhibition, Holland, West Germany & Scotland
1989  Man Objects Images ’89, National Museum, Singapore
1989  ASEAN-Australia Artist Exchange Programme: ARX ’89, Perth, Australia
1989  The Drawing Show, The Artists Village, Singapore
1989  The Time Show: 24-Hour Continuous Show, The Artists Village, Singapore